GENDERDOC-M Information Center is a democratic membership organization operating on the basis of a charter. The annual meeting of its members is the main decision-making body.

The General Assembly accepts new members, approves the general goals of the organization and the annual financial reports, and elects seven members of the Senate and its chairperson as well as a three-member auditing committee and its chairperson.

The Board directs the organization between Annual General Assembly meetings. The Board approves organizational strategies developed by the staff and maintains overall control of the organization’s finances and appoints Executive Director. The Board reports on its activities to the Annual General Assembly.

The Audit Commission monitors the financial and material activities of the organization, conducts an inventory of materials, and takes part in the selection of the auditor. The Audit Commission submits reports on its activities to the Annual General Assembly.

The Executive Director is involved in the day-to-day management of the organization: financial management, planning and implementation of the strategic directions of the organization, human resource management, representation of the interests of the organization at the meetings with donors, partner organizations in national and international structures, and the media.

Details of the responsibilities and rights of all bodies of the structure can be found in the Charter of the organization.

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