Employees and collaborators of GENDERDOC-M Information Center share the mission and vision of the organization and are proud to be part of the team of professionals.

  • Alexei Marcicov Information Policy Consultant
  • Andrei Verbenco IT administrator
  • Angela Frolov Coordinator of Lobby and Advocacy of LGBT Rights Program
  • Viorel Cenușa Office manager

The founder of the Information Centre “GenderDoc-M”, from the founding day of the organisation and until the date of December 24, 2016, when he was elected, almost unanimously, as the president of the organisation and editor- in-chief of the magazine "Зеркало ". The magazine is about the situation of LGBT community in Moldova. Alexei is not only the founder and source of ideas for our NGO, but he has also been actively working on the implementation of strategic programs and projects of “GenderDoc-M”, being a consultant in the field of informational policy. He is collaborating with mass-media of the Republic of Moldova, coordinating the publication of printing products and the work in mass-media (magazine "Зеркало", GDM.MD web page) of the Information Centre. Alexei organized the first Pride festival in Moldova. Also coordinates the support group for gays of the third age.


/373/ 22 28 88 60

Andrei joined our organisation in 2002, as a volunteer during the annual festival "Rainbow over Nistru". In 2008, he was admitted in the ranks of the center, as a technical assistant. In 2011, apart from his main business, he began to involve in the development of the organisational web resources. A year later, he was transferred for the position of system administrator of the Center. As part of his work, he is responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of the web resources of the organisation, for updating the information on the official web-site, for maintenance of the computers and networks of computers in organisation.


(022) 99-09-91

Active in the organisation since 2006: began to be actively involved in the work of the centre, as a volunteer in the program dedicated to women's activism; in 2007, she took up the post of assistant in the programs of lobby and advocacy of LGBT rights; in 2010 was promoted to the position of program’s coordinator of lobbying and advocacy of LGBT rights. Coordinates the overall program, representing the interests of organisation at national and international levels, carries out initial consultations with regard to discrimination and human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, redirects the beneficiaries to get legal advice by a professional lawyer. Is coordinating the informing activity of the organisation and proposes an assessment of expert on the human rights situation for LGBT persons in the Republic of Moldova.


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Viorel is a member of the Information Center GenderDoc-M since 2014. In January 2014 he was admitted in the organisation, and at the end of 2017, on the basis of commission’s decision, he was enrolled in the staff of the Center for as an office manager. Viorel meets the guests and the beneficiaries of the Information Center GenderDoc-M, answers phone calls, provides information about the programs and about the office’s work as a whole; records beneficiaries who need legal and/or psychological assistance for consultations with our lawyer/psychologist. Is responsible for the fund of books and for movies’ library, releases videofilms, books and magazines to those who want to use them in the office or at home.


022 288 863 sau 022 288 861

  • Anastasia Danilova Executive Director
  • Oxana Gumennaia Psychologist
  • Oleg Butucel Outreach worker
  • Sașa Sugac Coordinator of Support group for transgender and gender non-coforming

For the first time, turned to the organisation in 2004, for support, after suffering discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. Starting with the year of 2005, had been an active volunteer in the program dedicated to the activism of women, as a result she started to work as coder in the magazine for lesbian and bisexual women: "Theme". In 2007, she was named the Coordinator of the Program dedicated to the feminine activism. Since April 2010, is the executive director of the organisation. Is responsible for the financial management of the Centre, human resource management and controlling the overall activities of the organisation. Represents the organisation at various seminars, conferences, in relations with public authorities, international and local NGOs.


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Oxana is a psychologist and a major of justice. For more than 11 years, she worked in the prison: first as a paramedic, then as a psychologist and head of the Department of Psychology and Social Assistance. She worked as a psychologist in a nursing home for the elderly and persons with disabilities; gave advice to students, parents and teachers in the high School "Petru Movila". In other words, Oxana Gumennaia is one of the best psychologists in the Republic of Moldova, with experience of over 13 years of granting psychological and psychotherapeutic aid for persons of different ages and social statuses. Not coincidentally, in March 2013, is a member of the Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality, being chosen as the president. As a psychologist at the Information Center "GENDERDOC-M", Oxana granted to beneficiaries advice in overcoming the crisis related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression of gender.    


/373/ 22 28 88 61, /373/ 22 28 88 63

Oleg became acquainted with the Information Centre’s "GenderDoc-M" work in 2008, when he started to take care voluntarily of the office of the organisation. Then he worked as a technical assistant. And in 2015, on the basis of competition, he was enrolled among the employees of the organisation, as an outreach worker. The most important mission of Oleg is facilitation of the broadest possible access to the MSM (men having sex with men) group, the establishment of reliable relations with them to conduct more effective activities for the prevention of infection with HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases. Oleg is a reserve officer, who is educating a foster child.


(022) 28-88-61

Sasha started his work at the Information Center GenderDoc-M in 2015 as a volunteer. As an openly transgender person, he has participated in various media projects and held meetings of the Support group for transgender and gender non-conformant people. In 2016, he was engaged in the organisation as the Coordinator of the Support Group for transgender and gender non-conformant people in the framework of the project "ProTrans: Protecting transgender people from violence in Eastern Europe". Sasha facilitates the monthly meetings of the group, providing individual counseling from equal to equal and carries out activities for raising public awareness on the identity and expression of gender.


  • Natalia Esmanciuc Assistant in LGBT Health Program
  • Veaceslav Mulear Coordinator of LGBT Health Program
  • Elena Mitieva Accountant
  • Paula Cerescu coordinator of LGBT Community Development Programme

Began working in the Information Centre "GENDERDOC-M" in 1998. Over several years, has coordinated the work of volunteers in the organisation, while working with the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Moldova. In 2001, she moved to the Centre GENDERDOC-M to the post of administrative assistant. She was involved in the formation of the library of the Centre and in working with beneficiaries. In 2006, she was appointed as a coordinator of the Regional Program and, in its framework, has developed the LGBT movement and relations with other organisations in different regions of the country. In 2008, Natalia became the coordinator of the Program of Organisational Capacity Development, carrying out events, seminars and trainings for the LGBT community, as well as for specialists in various fields, both in the Republic of Moldova and in other CIS countries and Georgia. In 2011, she led the Program of Health and Social Well-Being of the LGBT Community, conducted seminars and trainings for students from different universities and experts in various fields, related to the core aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity. She developed the support group from peer to peer for the parents of LGBT persons, monitored the media in the Republic of Moldova. In 2014, Natalia was the Coordinator of the Community Center. Since 2015, is the assistant of the project implemented within the LGBT Health Program.


373/ 22 28 88 61

Activating in the organisation since 2007, before that, for five years, had been a volunteer of the center. He began his professional career in the organisation as an assistant in the LGBT Health and Social Assistance Program. In 2011 he was promoted to the post of coordinator of health events within the same program. Since 2014 he has taken over the post of coordinator of the LGBT health program. As part of the program, he is responsible for presenting the Information Center GENDERDOC-M and promoting LGBT and CSM interests and rights in the National Council for Coordination of TB and AIDS. He is the coordinator of outreach work, organizes seminars and trainings on sexual health for the LGBT community and MSM, provides HIV volunteer counseling and testing services for gay men and MSM, develops the regional network of health professionals.

In 2011, he was awarded with the honorary diploma "For Special Merits and Engaging in the National HIV / AIDS Response for 2011" and the statue "Red Ribbon" by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova, in collaboration with the UNAIDS Moldova campaign "World Anti-AIDS" in the Republic of Moldova and "Y-PEER Moldova" network.


/373/ 22 28 88 61

Elena is working as a chief accountant since the establishment of the organisation. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the State Agrarian University of Moldova, with the specialty: "Accountant-economist". Since 1998, she has been employed as an accountant in the first LGBT magazine: "Zerkalo". In the GENDERDOC-M Information Center, she is involved in accounting and financial management (public statements and assigned funds) and also acts as an office manager (purchasing and delivering tangible assets to the organisation, responsible for logistics of seminars and trainings)



+373 22 288861

  • Doina Ioana Straisteanu Lawyer, Expert on Human Rights

Provides qualified legal assistance and consultation on litigation cases of the organization or its beneficiaries. Doina Ioana is also a member of the Council for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination and Equality. More information on www.dis.md