Legal Advice

Lobbying and support to LGBT Rights Programme

Lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender people are an integrant part of our society, having equal rights and freedoms as other citizens. Nobody has the right to deprive you of your rights and liberties, or to impede their enforcement. Only if you know your rights and liberties shall serve as guarantee for their observance. But, there is a risk that your rights may be violated. Therefore, you are the one: to accept the violence or to try to fight for your rights. If you choose the second option, our organisation will give you a helping hand to protect and re-establish your rights.

Legal assistance

If you were a victim of an assault regarding your rights based on your sexual orientation or gender identity, you may be offered legal assistance free of charge and support by GENDERDOC-M Centre.

The legal assistance includes:

  • Support in drawing-up complaints, claims addressed to authorities;
  • Escort to police station, prosecutor’s office;
  • Legal assistance if any litigation;

Legal assistance is not provided if:

  • Any private issues, not related to sexual orientation or gender identity;
  • In this situation, you are the one who violated the law;
  • If the reputation of organisation may be affected;

Regional network of friendly lawyers

Within the Centre, it was set up a network of friendly lawyers, who are ready to offer legal assistance to LGBT people in Cahul, Balti, Comrat, Hincesti and Chisinau.

As to services related to individual cases, not related to the client’s sexual orientation or gender identity, shall be provided against payment, in line with the pricelist set by the lawyer or agreed prior. Where the violence was due to sexual orientation or gender identity, the lawyer shall provide services free of charge, by being paid by GENDERDOC-M Centre.

Please find below the link to lawyers’ contact details:  list of lawyers

  • Angela Frolov Coordinator of Lobby and Advocacy of LGBT Rights Program
  • Doina Ioana Straisteanu Lawyer, Expert on Human Rights

Active in the organisation since 2006: began to be actively involved in the work of the centre, as a volunteer in the program dedicated to women's activism; in 2007, she took up the post of assistant in the programs of lobby and advocacy of LGBT rights; in 2010 was promoted to the position of program’s coordinator of lobbying and advocacy of LGBT rights. Coordinates the overall program, representing the interests of organisation at national and international levels, carries out initial consultations with regard to discrimination and human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, redirects the beneficiaries to get legal advice by a professional lawyer. Is coordinating the informing activity of the organisation and proposes an assessment of expert on the human rights situation for LGBT persons in the Republic of Moldova.

(022) 99-09-92

Provides qualified legal assistance and consultation on litigation cases of the organization or its beneficiaries. Doina Ioana is also a member of the Council for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination and Equality. More information on