Photo exhibition «Because I Live Here 2.0»

During the year, the informal education center «Diversity», supported by Civil Rights Defenders, prepared for you the photo exhibition «Because I live here 2.0» with the totally unique personal stories of people living in Moldova. We want to share with you carefully collected stories of people from different ethnic backgrounds - journalists, human rights defenders, cultural workers, refugees, civil society activists, people with mixed ethnic identity.

«Because I live here 2.0» is a project about cultural and ethnic diversity of Moldova, which is within each of us. This is an opportunity to share your story, your ideas, thoughts, questions and concerns. These are the stories of people who in spite of everything live in this country and do important and necessary things. This is a frank talk about fears, values, traditions, hostility, tolerance, discrimination, human rights.

«Because I live here 2.0» is an open dialogue with you about intercultural interaction, identity and challenges faced by people with mixed ethnic identity in the modern world.

See you on Sunday, December 4 at 13.00 in the Ethnographical Museum (str. Kogalniceanu, 82). Come and share your stories.

Because i live here 2.0 teaser from Iana Korobenko on Vimeo.

04.12.2016 - 13:00
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