Coming out

Coming out refers to the process of affirming publicly and voluntarily, homosexual/ bisexual orientation or gender identity. The complete term in English is “coming out of the closet” or the getting out of the closet. Being “out” means being open about sexual orientation or gender identity. To remain “in the closet” means to hide these features and take a different sexual orientation publicly, usually heterosexual.

Coming out is the recognition, acceptance and confession of homosexuality, bisexuality, or that you are transgender so to you, both to others. Coming out is not only the fact of telling to someone who you are. This long-term process includes self-perception, attitudes towards the own sexuality, the structure of your own life and the way a person presents herself to family, friends and the world. This process could be a painful one, because of misunderstanding by the people you confided. Our psychologist can help conjunctively with people close to you, to get over all difficult phases of the coming out, to accept yourself and regain your inner balance.

11 October is the International Day of the Coming Out.